Writer’s Log 1: Is Google Making us Dumb?

            Some people in the world believe that progress and change is a good thing, but some people think otherwise. Some people think that as long as the progress or change is innovative, it is seen as a step closer to the utopian society that everyone is striving towards. Some people believe that we shouldn’t change, and that change brings us further away from our true originality. For me, personally, I don’t really care if there is any progress or any change, as long as what we’re doing is the right thing to do. I see no point is striving towards change if your current methods work perfectly fine for you. Some inventions such as the Internet are seen to some as positive progress or negative progress. The main thing that most people seem to think is making us dumber is Google.

            I truly think that Google is only one of the many factors that are causing us to think that we are dumb. In actual fact, Google isn’t making anyone less smart or more stupid. Google is just a faster way to gain access to information that otherwise would be retrieved through countless hours of continuous reading. I think that Google isn’t making us dumb, but just making us lazier. The only way a person can get smarter is through learning, whether it’s from other people, books, and or the Internet. If you think about it, the Internet is actually just a huge source of information. People who need to figure out something would just go online and search it up on Google. It’s faster and in a way, it’s teaching us something. If we were to have the same situation but instead 50 years ago, people would have to go to the library, find the appropriate book and start reading in order to learn. The main reason people think that Google and other search engines are making us dumber is because society is used to having everyone read books in order to learn, but now that the Internet is here, “research that once required days in the stacks or periodical rooms of libraries can now be done in minutes.” I actually don’t think that the Internet is making anyone dumber in any way. The same information can be found on the Internet and in the library. It is just much faster to search the Internet. I don’t see the Internet as a step back in terms of education; I see it as an evolutionary way to save time.

            Some people may argue that if everyone stops reading books and instead surfs the web more often, then everyone’s English will dramatically worsen. This is because people believe that by reading books, your sense of sentence structure and grammar will naturally improve. I completely agree with this fact, but I think that people also have to take in mind that people can also read things on their Internet. Parents may be worried that because kids spend too much time on the computer, that their eyes might spoil. I actually think that it wouldn’t make a difference. A lot of kids have had to wear glasses due to the computer, but many kids have also had to wear glasses due to excessive reading. I do think that the Internet and all of the search engines do more good than harm, and that parents are just too paranoid about this fact. Honestly, I just think that parents are jealous because they didn’t have this type of technology back when they were young.


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