News Analysis 2: New Element

More and more discoveries are being made everyday, whether its discoveries about animals, or discoveries about science, the world is growing in terms of knowledge. Just recently, scientists have discovered the 118th element in the periodic table. It has 115 protons, and has not been named yet, but “until they do, it has a temporary name: “Ununpentium.” That may be harder to memorize than “element 115,” but it is a scientific term made from Latin and Greek that basically means 1-1-5.” It was formed as a result of the union of two different elements. “Researchers from Lund University in Sweden created it by slamming atoms of one element, calcium, into atoms of another called americium.” The Swedish scientists were actually the second group to discover this element’s existence. Russian scientists discovered this element in 2004, but the new experiment confirmed Ununpentium’s existence. The reason that scientists try to create new elements is to discover more than what’s presented in front of us. Just like some of the other elements, when they were formed, they disappeared immediately. “More than two dozen of all the known elements were artificially created.” Some people ask scientists, “why create elements that disappear in a flash?” Most people view this procedure as a waste of time, but scientists believe that there are more to elements than just the number of protons it has. They would like to discover what physical properties and how it behaves in different atmospheres. So far, scientists have only been able to make one conclusion about its properties, which is because of its atomic number. “The more protons an atom has, the higher its number on the periodic table. And with 115 protons, this new element earns the moniker ‘super-heavy element’.” Some people may think that this is just a prediction, but it actually is more of a fact. They proved this by even comparing Ununpentium with gold and lead. “For the sake of comparison, an atom of lead only has 82 protons. Gold has just 79.” This article proves that we, humans, are still making brand new discoveries everyday. There is so much out there, in the world, that we haven’t discovered yet. “Scientists hope one day to make one that doesn’t, thus creating a brand new lasting element.” Until this day, science is just going to keep on growing as it is, developing new things that will help us closer to our ideal utopian society.



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