News Analysis 3: Apple Products

I actually do not understand why people buy products such as the iPhone 5 and what not. Honestly, I think that people are stupid. They buy things not because they want to benefit themselves; they buy it to keep up with modern trends. Everybody doesn’t want to be seen as a hipster, having an old phone and being seen as an anti-social person. The thing is though, what differs the iPhone 5 from the iPhone 4? Is it just the length of the iPhone? Or are there some technical changes as well? I feel that most people buy the iPhone 5 because it’s the newest apple product and they want to be the first among their friends to buy it. This gives apple a reason to design more iPhones that please the customer. “Apple is testing iPhone display screens as large as 6 inches, according to a new report.” Apple actually makes use of the customer’s feedback. “Opinions are split on whether Apple will also introduce other products, like a new iPad or a much-anticipated smartwatch, next week.” People like to “one-up” each other, meaning that they want to show off and pretend like they’re better than each other. For me, personally, I love my iPhone 4. It’s small, it’s nice, and I’m just used to having it around. My parents offered me an iPhone 4s and an iPhone 5 but I gladly declined, so they just gave it to my sister. The reason I declined it was because I kept asking myself, “what’s the point?” Will having an iPhone 4s or 5 change your life? The iPhone is a phone, and the point of a phone is to be able to contact people wherever you are. The qualities of the calls and or texts are the same for all of the iPhone versions. Unlike other people, I don’t use my iPhone for games; I use it for texting and keeping track of things. I don’t have a lot of applications for my phone, so there is no need for me to expand the length of my iPhone so that I can fit in more apps. I play games on my computer, not on a little tiny screen that requires squinting whenever focusing. I personally like the iPhone 4 but not the iPhone 5; I feel that it’s too overrated right now. I kind of have respect for apple for being so smart about the situation; I bet that they are making tons of money because of this. 



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