Journal 2: The Omnivore’s Dilemma Part 2

I feel that the food industry has grown a lot ever since people started to contribute different ideas. First of all, I would like to agree with Pollan when he states that organic food isn’t that great. Most people would argue that it’s natural and healthy, which isn’t wrong, and that it’s better for the environment. For me personally, I would like to have more food than have healthier food. “If the sixteen million acres now being used to grow corn to feed cows in the United States became well-managed pasture, that would remove fourteen billion pounds of carbon from the atmosphere each year, equivalent of taking four million cars off road.” The more food that is being produced, the better for it is for our society to survive. Our society has become lazier and lazier as time progresses. I believe that most people do not even consider where the food comes from. In the olden ages, people actually cherished food for its nutritional value. They eat food to become healthy and be strong. Nowadays, the only relationship between the producer and the consumer is the price. They just eat it because it tastes good and it’s cheap. Human beings are naturally selfish, so they do things that they feel will benefit themselves the most. Cheap food will benefit the individual even more because they get to save money. By advertising cheap and tasty food, producers and consumers work together to build the food industry. This whole situation is ultimately caused by our selfishness and being absent minded.

Pollan also states that tags are lying to the consumers. It is so easy to put a tag onto something and claim that it is in fact true. Like in this case, local supermarkets are tagging different foods as organic, making people think that they are purchasing organic food and that they are helping the environment. That is why people should not trust the labels on food cans and products. Food companies are constantly lying to us about things relating to the food. Labels can be very misleading, that’s why companies see through our weakness and use it against us. Pollan uses terms like “synthetic” and “chemicals” to illustrate companies deceiving customers. Food companies only label food to sell it, not to help us. Foods that are labeled organic are probably chemically engineered or altered in some fashion. Why do people constantly feed themselves with food that they know isn’t what they think it is. It is kind of sad that most people cannot see past this delusion.


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