Journal 3: The Omnivore’s Dilemma rest of Part 2

The fact that people don’t want to pay for healthier food really surprises me. I kind of expected it, because our generation consists of a bunch of spoiled brats including myself. We take advantage of everything that we have, not thinking about the consequences. The main reason to why we act like we do is because people are naturally selfish. We are unaware of the fact that money does not grow on trees, and we spend it to our heart’s desire. People are willing to pay more for cars, phones, houses, gadgets but they won’t pay more for healthier food. What good will having an iPhone 5 do for you if you already have an iPhone 4? Not much, just that you’ll probably get more friends because you are following the mainstream trend. However, what good will eating healthier food do to you? It helps you get more and better nutrients that your body requires to grow. You’ll be healthier and won’t get sick as often. Your body will become stronger in general, and you will live a healthier life.

I think that people think that everything has a price, and that you will only pay that price, or lower, for that certain item. Organic foods are supposed to be cheaper than what it is now. However, due to the government’s regulations and the result of high cost processing, it is not. People see this as an excuse to not buy organic foods. They think that because it’s a lot more expensive than it should be, that it is a waste of money. Then I don’t get why people would buy an expensive phone like the iPhone when they can buy a cheaper phone like a Nokia. The point of a phone is to be able to contact people whenever and wherever, so why do people spend so much money buying an iPhone?

In the book, Pollan uses the example of a guy driving a BMW and asking the farmer “why are your eggs so expensive?” The farmer “tried so hard not to get mad” because he didn’t understand why the guy could spend so much money on an expensive car when he can’t spend a little more just for some eggs. The difference in dollars between a BMW and a cheap car is a lot, while the difference in dollars between cheap eggs and the farmer’s eggs is not a lot. This illustrates the fact that people take advantage of their money and that people are born selfish. 


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