News Analysis 5: Core of the Earth

            New things are being discovered every single day. New inventions, new technology, new discoveries, innovation is everywhere. Recently, scientists have discovered a new method or idea to how the earth was formed. “Scientists from Stanford University have shown that iron metal will flow through rocks 1,000km beneath our feet.” This suggests a new way in which our earth’s core was formed. This study suggests that molten metal was able to flow towards the core of our planet. “Using sophisticated X-ray imaging, they watched molten metal moving through rocks, squeezed to huge pressures between the tips of pairs of diamonds.” All of this information fascinates scientists but the question I want to ask is why.

            Why does it matter that the earth was formed in a different way than we usually know. The earth is the earth, it was formed and that’s really all that matters. Why do scientists go through all of the effort to try to find different ways in which the earth was formed? What good will it does knowing that the earth was formed in a different way? Yes, it can offer us new information that hasn’t been discovered before, therefore allowing us to discover new things. After that, what will that information do for us? The scientists today are just trying to discover new things that have relatively no relevance in our daily lives. Take this for example; getting informed that the earth was formed through a different process does not change the fact that people still have to go to work. People will just think that it’s a “cool fact” and then forget about it afterwards. So why do scientists still try so hard to gather new information? Is it because they have to remain their status as scientists, discovers of technology. Or is it because they want to be recognized by people, being smart and the discovers of multiple things.

            I personally like science, I feel like it’s really fun and I enjoy doing a bunch of different scientific experiments in class. We learn new ways to do different things, and we learn the relevance to the real life world that the experiment has. I honestly think that science is one of the subjects in life that are overlooked. It’s so important in life, but people seem to forget its relevance. I like science, and I think that science helps us discover new things in life, but the information obtained from the variety of experiments lack recognition from people.



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