News Analysis 8: Photoshop

What is the point of Photoshop? What good does Photoshop do for our society? Photoshop is an application on the computer that allows the user to alter pictures. People use it mainly to make models look even hotter. Some people use it to merge different pictures into one picture, creating a collage. However, professional editors use it to completely change a model’s body, making them look like they have perfect bodies when in fact they do not. People fail to realize that the models in magazines and in advertisements are all fake; they do not appear like that in real life. People fail to believe that Photoshop is not only for taking wrinkles out and adding a bit of a glowing effect, but it’s used to completely change how a person looks. It is an illusion that confuses the reader to believe that the ideal body lies on the page in front of them.

The question is why, why does this to people. Why create a fake image that people fantasize about? What does it do to a person besides making them feel bad about their own body? I think that this is the main goal for all industries. They make their customers feel bad about themselves or lose faith in the product that they are currently using, just to introduce their own product and how it is better and how it can improve your life. It is just like the saying “you will never know what true happiness is until you hit rock bottom.” People won’t know what satisfies them until they know what they do not like. I feel that the use of Photoshop to deceive people is wrong. It just causes misery in the lives of innocent civilians trying to achieve a body that satisfies them.

Am I saying that Photoshop is a harmful tool? Yes and no. In some aspects, Photoshop can be useful and helpful. It can be used to make a person laugh, by combining two funny images. It can be used to make a person feel emotional, like creating a collage containing pictures of personal experiences. It doesn’t necessarily have to be harmful, but the way that professional editors use them makes it harmful. I feel that models should not let editors edit their body just to make it seem like the perfect body, I think that if they have to edit their bodies to make themselves perfect, that they should not be modeling at all. If the models in advertisements are completely altered with Photoshop, then anyone on the earth has the potential to model. I feel that Photoshop doesn’t do models or anyone any good besides cause misery.



News Analysis 7: Gaming Equipment

Recently, engineers have designed a new piece of technology that gamers can use while playing online video games. This device allows the user to basically take the character’s place inside the game. It allows them to see what the character would normally see. Why is this important? It’s important because it can revolutionize the computer’s interface and cause virtual reality. Imagine walking about inside of a game that is basically what this piece of technology is allowing gamers to do. A lot of famous video game players use this device known as the Oculus Rift to play horror games, so that it will enhance the experience for them. The creator of the Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey, said that he “wanted something that made it feel like you were inside of the game, not just looking at a screen strapped to your head.” I really like this invention, and I actually hope that one day I will find one in stock so that I can buy it and use it for myself.

The question presented in this article is why. Why created such a unique piece of technology? Video games don’t really do people any good besides releasing stress, and even then, do gamers rage and get angry over small little things over the internet. So why do we still build pieces of technology dedicated to gamers? Is it because there are a lot of video game players out there, so that they’ll make a lot of money? Luckey himself says that the reason they build such unique pieces of gaming equipment is so that people will find more pleasure in playing video games. Video games are already fun by itself, but why not enhance it a little further. This kind of gets me thinking, like are video games not good enough for people? Do we seriously need to use special equipment to actually enjoy the game? People are greedy; they don’t appreciate what is given to them. They always need to find a way to make things more pleasurable and better for themselves. I feel like there’s nothing in the world that can truly satisfy a human being.

However, there are some good things about this device that will benefit gamers. Now, when people play games, their body is actively involved in the game, so that they are physically moving instead of just sitting on a chair and clicking on their mouse. This will give them a bit more of a first person experience and to some extent help them exercise a bit more. I think that this piece of technology will grow into a huge thing, and that every gamer will eventually get it. I am not going against this device, nor am I supporting it, I’m just wondering why we need to create a device such as this one to improve our gaming society today.