News Analysis 9: Mailed Bomb

Recently, an old age couple was murdered in Tennessee due to a bombing incident. Jon Setzer and his wife, Marion Setzer, were murdered due to an explosion just outside of their house. “Officials said Setzer picked up the package from his mailbox, about 200 yards from the home. It detonated just inside the house, killing him and mortally wounding his wife.” The man died almost instantly while the woman was taken to the hospital but then died 2 days later. The man who was charged of the murder was their neighbor Richard Parker. The investigators believe that Parker is the sole suspect of the case, yet they cannot seem to come up with a logical motive. They believe that the bomb could have been sent to the wrong house, but that still doesn’t make this case any better. The investigators have found a note, which “’is a very important piece of evidence, because now you may have handwriting,’ said former ATF agent and bomb expert Joseph Vince.” I feel like the whole thing could have just been avoided and it was very unnecessary to murder an old age couple.

It’s really sad, to think that a man would go through so much trouble just to kill an old age couple. It’s actually quite sad and at the same time very unnecessary. They’re 74 and 72 years old, there’s not much time for them left anyways, why go kill them and then having to go to jail because of it. Let them live their last few lives with joy and happiness, because they’ve gone through all the hardship in life. Why go and murder them in one of the most gruesome ways possible. I find the whole thing just very messed up and inconvenient for the investigators because there is no solid motive that could be the cause of all of this and there is no solid evidence to who could have committed the crime



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