Leopard loose in India

Recently, there were reports about a leopard on the loose on the streets of India. The leopard was probably hungry because it was held in captivity for so long without the “wild freedom” that most leopards have. Why should we cause others to struggle for our own pleasure? The purpose of a zoo is to introduce different types of animals to little kids, those who maybe haven’t seen a monkey up front before. It is to entertain and educate people, but why should we do this? Can’t we research about it online and show it to our kids, or maybe have statues instead of real life animals. These animals strive towards their freedom and their wild life; they want to roam around the jungle freely without the interference of people. This leopard was only trying to escape because it hated being held in a cage and was also probably hungry. After it got loose, it went crazy, and put all of its effort into escaping the city. Tranquilizers and trained animal control experts, however, soon countered its efforts. This leopard was not trying to hurt anybody, but was trying to escape from its horrible life. We should not cause others to suffer just for our own pleasure.


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