A Pearl in a Clam

A clam’s beauty is held within itself. Its pearl is the clam’s natural beauty, it makes the clam unique and special. Without the pearl, the clam would just be like any other clam, lost in the sea, swimming around trying to find a suitable purpose while its soul has been taken away from it. It’s identity has been stripped from it, its beauty, its purpose to live. Now it has nothing, nothing to protect, nothing to live for. The pearl is what makes the clam special, it is what gives the clam value. Before, the clam would open its mouth with glory, hoping to attract all kinds of attention with its beauty. It has nothing to hide, in fact, it has something to share. It shows the world its pearl, appreciating the pearl’s beauty and sharing it with the world. However, now the clam will be scared and embarrassed to share whats inside of it, for there is nothing there. Now, when the clam open its mouth to share, nothing but the bubbles of the pearl’s sad disappearance will emerge from its mouth. Nothing but the faint memory of the pearl’s lost soul will be kept.

“Don’t hurt others just because you are hurt”. This quote represents equality within society. Many people depend on other’s suffering for their own satisfaction. An example would be bullies. Bullies bully weaker kids because their pain and tears some how interests the bully. The pearl and the clam is a representation of the little kid who is getting bullied. By himself, untouched and pure, he is naturally beautiful. However, once external forces act upon it, it ruins its natural image. Just like how the pearl is taken away from the clam, the kid’s happiness is being taken away. How can we expect to live in a world full of happiness of pain and suffering is what some seek? Why do these people even depend on other’s misery in order to make themselves happy? Why take the pearl for your own pleasure when the pearl is all the clam lives for? The best thing to do is to leave others alone, leave the clam alone and let it live happily with its most prized possession inside of it. Let it live a life being happy, knowing that nothing has taken or tried to take away its identity, making it special and unique compared to all others. Kids these days feel unsafe because of the bullies who roam the hallways looking for trouble. Why can’t we live in a world where bullies don’t exist? Why don’t kids take their anger and frustration somewhere else? Why can’t they write a journal entry or play video games, why do they have to hurt others who seem perfectly happy alone? We should not turn to others when we have anger issues, instead take it out on yourself or don’t take it out at all. Leave the clam alone to live with it’s pearl, leave the kid alone to be happy.Image


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