Knowledge and Understanding Effects of Divorce

Effects of Divorce
“Divorce” is an essay written by Allan Bloom, which focuses on the effects of divorce and how it may affect children. Marriage between couples is supposed to be a sacred ritual. Marriage should be something that is taken seriously, not something that is rushed. Children depend heavily on their parents, and they see their parents as role models. The love between their dad and mom can inspiration for them. However, if that love is broken and they split up, then the child will have no one to look up to, and no one to turn to. Divorce doesn’t only affect the, now broken up, couple, but also the children involved.
Divorce can affect a child’s childhood because children mostly depend and look up on their parents in their early ages. Most children view their parents as heroes, and will want to grow up to be exactly like them. Children inspire their parents because they grew up with them. They view parents as superiors because they were the ones who nurtured them from birth. Children view their parents as the perfect human beings. They seem like they have everything under control, as if they were god and all obstacles in life were nothing but a mere feather among thousands and thousands of pillows. This is because most of the “obstacles” that children view as challenging are simple tasks that are very managable. children put so much emphasis on their parents, that is why people today still mention their parents in speeches, “i would like to thank my parents…”, because these people were the ones who gave him everything when he essentially had nothing. Parents are essentially there for their child, to help their child whenever he or she needs help. Children look towards their parents for any type of assistance, whether its work, advice, or just physical labor. “They [Children] think they have a right to total attention and believe their parents must live for them” (Divorce). Children will be trouble doing different tasks if there is no one there to help them. Children dont automatically learn how to fish when they turn twelve, their fathers have to bring them to a lake to fish in order for the kid to learn. Parents influence their children heavily, and that is why divorce will have a negative impact on children.
Divorce occurs only when each of the two spouses are selfish and have lost interest for one another. People aren’t born selfish, people are brought up to be selfish. Parents sometimes tell their children that they have to first feed themselves if they want to feed others. This statement is not morally wrong at all, but it still is defined as being selfish. Divorce usually occurs when both spouses fail to “give in” and will only stand for what they want. When both sides of an argument are stubborn, there can be no solution. This type of behavior, that will most probably be seen at home on a daily basis, can affect a kid’s education in school. More than 90% of student victims of divorced parents perform poorly in school. How can a student expect to do well when they cannot depend on anyone for help? Also, with all the chaos and drama at home, how can a student expect to focus? A student’s future is mainly dependent on their education, so by getting divorces, parents are risking their child’s future. Hurting it, possibly ruining it for him or her. Most parents fail to realize that their divorce isn’t only between the two of them. This self-centered type of attitude is what hurts the child, because the parents are unaware of how they are hurting him or her. “The capriciousness of wills, their lack of directedness to the common good, the fact that they could be otherwise but are not – these are the real source of the war of all against all” (Divorce). Divorce occurs when both spouses are stubborn and selfish, and its consequences are dangerous.
Divorce should not be allowed due to its immorality and effects. When people marry, they are making a commitment to the other person. What is the point making a huge commmitment, spending the rest of eternity together, when it is just going to be broken. Marriage is a sacred ritual and should be one of the most important things in life. When people marry, by definition they should spend the rest of their lives together, and only death will they part. It takes a long time to actually get to know someone, and if you have found the right person, then by all means marry him or her. Marriage should be treated as if it was dependent on their lives. Divorce should have some sort of punishment, and should be treated with disgust. Divorce hurts everyone and has no positive effects, especially on children.


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