Analysis and Interpretation “Divorce”

Glistening on the shelf while waiting for interactions with people, the snow globe is one of the most fascinating objects in the world. It stays still and looks stable when it is untouched, but when someone shakes it, the little pieces of dust jumps around and creates the illusion of snow. On the shelf where it stands for eternity, have one and only one image. It’s view, never changing, its appearance, never changing, it, never changing. However, once dealt with and messed around with, a new light shines upon it. The snow globe is given a new look, a new perspective. It has a new appearance, a new meaning to itself. With a new perspective, there will be different types of information that will be presented. When the snow globe is being shaken, the little particles that fly around can be interpreted as new information jumping around, waiting for someone to notice them. The more you shake, the more particles will move, the more information will be available. Shaking the snow globe multiple times is like taking multiple perspectives on a subject and using it. The snow globe represents taking a new perspective on things, taking a different route from the mainstream that other people follow.

Allan Bloom views divorce with disgust and disdain. He says that divorce not only affects the spouses, but also the children involved. Most people view divorce, as only a separation between two, and the child will follow along the person who won full custody in court. Children need more than just one parent, not just the mom nor the dad. Children depend on both of their parents for different things, their mom for daily tasks and their dad for knowledge. Living with just one of their birth parents can be troublesome, and no one will be able to fill up the gap in their lives, not even stepparents. Most people who talk about divorce will talk about how it is breaking vows and ask why people even get married. They say that Marriage should be viewed as a sacred ritual, and that divorce is like taking a gun and shooting your morals in the brain. Bloom does not disagree with this statement, but he looks at the situation with a different perspective. His perspective on divorce also includes the effects on children. How are the children affected? How will their education be impaired? It is not fair to put a child at a disadvantage because adults could not commit to their significant other. It is not fair for people to involve children when they have huge problems for themselves. Have a very good friend or their grandparents take care of them, don’t hold on to them and indirectly hurting them. Allan Bloom took a different perspective on divorce, instead of the usual “only between spouses” perspective. He takes in account how it might affect children and how children’s lives and education will be impaired. Allan Bloom took the snow globe, shook it, and used it to the best of its ability.


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