Analysis and Interpretation “Born to Run” Gas Pedal

            A car’s sole purpose is to help people get to their destinations faster. Drifting, speeding, turning, stopping, a car can do so many. Having a thick hard skin, to protect itself from all its dangers. Run by oil, to produce gas, it’s speed can only hit so fast. The gas pedal, probably dirty as it has been touched by many different shoes, and is pressed with so much force that the dirt from just falls off and land onto its face. The gas pedal’s purpose is to have the car accelerate, so that it moves forward and drive towards its optimal speed. Being pressed as hard as the driver can press, the pedal accelerates the car, trying to hit optimal speed. It’s shape, much like the end of a gold club, or like a little mushroom with a huge metal head. It’s unique because in every car there are two, one to accelerate and one to decelerate. When pressed, allows the car to release gas that used to be oil. As time passes, the pressing of the gas pedal slowly but surely drains the amount of oil inside of the car’s tank, needing to refill it once in a while so that the car can be able to move. The car only has so much energy, but it drives to hit it’s full potential. The biggest accomplishment in driving a car is to hit its fastest and most enduring speed. There will be many obstacles to prevent the driver from ever hitting the car’s optimal speed, like stop signs, traffic lights, other cars, old grandmothers who are trying to walk across to the other side. These obstacles will always be there, but persistence is trying harder to succeed even though there is though solution nearby. Passion, the persistence to continue even when failure is evident. Passion, driving a car till it hits its optimal speed, while continuing to try to drive enough though there will be many things in its way. Passion, the driving force behind most of our actions, to make us happy and satisfied with our lives. Passion is the meaning of life.

            “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall is a story based on the author’s personal experience about him exploring more on the concept of running. It is obvious from the book that McDougall has passion for running. He finds that shoes and other mechanics of running are hurting people and are messing with nature’s pure work. As he travels to find answers, he discovers more and more questions, with answers to follow. The persistence of continuing can be described as passion, because McDougall will keep on searching until a solid satisfactory answer is found. This type of persistence can be compared to a gas pedal in a car. The car can only hit a certain speed, but by pressing the pedal hard enough, the car can in fact reach that optimal speed. Persistence in something can be described as passion, and passion is the driving force for happiness in most people’s lives. Image


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