“Born to Run” In class essay

In the book “Born to run”, the author, Christopher McDougall, goes on an adventure to explore running and all of its content. His initial goal was to find a guy named Caballo Blanco, a mysterious loner gringo who lives and runs with the Tarahumara, who he thought he’d never find. He tries to build up the character by using different diction, having unique sentence structures and adding dialogue. He builds the character up by first stating that finding this specific person would be rare, and that he “could even imagine the sound of his voice” (5). As McDougall continues to praise Caballo, he adds some ideal characteristics of his like “He’d have a booming laugh and atrocious Spanish. He’d be loud and chatty and…” (5). However, McDougall suddenly paused and said, “Wait. I was hearing him” (5). This adds a sense of realization, shock and a little bit of happiness. He has finally found Caballo, and to emphasis this, he had to have a one word sentenced followed by an italicized indicative. Trying to seem all surprised, McDougall stated that he “croaked” (5) as he spoke his first words to Caballo. This was all in the moment of meeting him, but even before this, McDougall talked about Caballo’s background to add some sort of legacy feeling to the whole situation itself. As he talks about Caballo, he characterizes his story as a “legend” (4), and states that “He’d certainly mastered two Tarahumara skills – invisibility and extraordinary endurance – because even though he was spotted all over the canyons, no one seemed to know where he lived or when he might appear next” (5). The way McDougall talks about Caballo make it seem like Caballo is his idol, but in fact, Caballo is just his next checkpoint. McDougall wants to find Caballo because he believes that he holds some of the most vital information to answering his own questions about running. It is obvious that McDougall views Caballo with respect, with honor, and with desire. This desire to learn can only be described as Passion. McDougall has an obvious passion for running, and this passion drives him towards trying to find answers and solutions. The whole chapter is basically dedicated to building this character up. From the start till now, the purpose was clear, the goal was clear, and his motive was clear.

McDougall makes good use of his diction and sentence structure, so that his goal is clear. It also helps illustrate clearly how he feels about Caballo and how respectful he is towards him. He praises Caballo for his wise knowledge and views him as an ideal person. McDougall’s passion for running has caused him to go on this journey, to excel and to try to solute the problem. Different people have different passions, but for McDougall, his passion is running. He claims that shoes actually hurt the runner and prevent people from running at his or her optimal speed. He states that we were born to run, and that nature has made us who we are, runners, and that all the other human inventions get in the way of our full potential.


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