Knowledge and Understanding “Born to Run”

In the book, “Born to Run, Christopher McDougall explains his amazing adventure on how he went on an adventure just to tackle one question, “why do my feet hurt?” McDougall wonders about why we were shoes, why do we even run and what makes a person good at running. Throughout his adventure, he unearths both answers and more questions. As his adventure comes to a near end, he starts to wonder why humans wear shoes, and he describes them as harmful towards our own bodies. His passion for running just keeps on increasing as he discovers new things. He doesn’t stop until he finds an acceptable conclusion, which is the true definition of passion.

            McDougall explores running and all of its contents throughout the book. McDougall’s starts out searching for Cabello Blanco, a mysterious loner gringo who lives and runs with the Tarahumara. As he explores deeper into the subject, he finds more and more questions to answer, but also more and more answers to come with. Having passion is to continue doing something even though there is no solid solution in view. For example, keep on practicing basketball when you haven’t won a single game for the whole season is having a passion for basketball.  McDougall feels that shoes are preventing the runner from hitting his or her full potential. Because he has a true passion for running, he wants to explore more into why people wear shoes if it “hurts” the runner. Later, McDougall finally finds Blanco, the person who he has been looking for for a long time. Blanco redirects him as he showers McDougall with new information that will cause him to continue searching. Having true passion is continuing even though the solution is not near. McDougall is one of the few people who will actually pursue his passion and continue. Some people might quit then, but some might continue, to McDougall, nothing else mattered more but the mechanics of running itself. As McDougall says, he was “born to run”, and running is his true passion. Different people have different passions, but our current society does not function that way.

Different people have different passions, some are to play sports, some are to use computers, and some are to write. However, our modern society today does not support “passion” in terms of jobs. People who are artists aren’t that rich, people who are writers aren’t that rich, but people who have jobs that have a connection to what we learn in high school have high paying jobs. The purpose for a high school is to give students a basic foundation of education, so that they don’t become “stupid”, but what high schools tend to do now is to over educate them on subjects that won’t even affect their life in the long run. People who paint or write are never going to use math. People who mess with computer technology don’t have to know what a metaphor is. High schools don’t encourage students to follow their passion, even though they say that they do. Most schools try to cover this idea by “offering many different activities” that are supposed to help students find their passion. We students are not allowed to go on adventures like McDougall, because we simply are not at that stage yet. McDougall found his passion for running, explored its deeper meaning and found many different answers and questions to why or how or what running is. McDougall was able to explore running with depth, not just a mild observation on Bolt running, but an adventure concerning with the mechanics of running. Passion is what makes people happy, and just like McDougall, people should be able to follow it without any obstacles.

Passion is the reason most people do different things, and is the reason why different people behave differently in different situations. Passion is the striving force, the motivational force for mostly everyone in the world. Passion is something that makes people happy, and should be pursued no matter what. It is quite impressive that someone like McDougall pursued his own Passion even though it seemed as if there were no possible solution. Passion is something that high schools should actually try to encourage. Instead of offering only a few activities to different subjects, high schools should offer classes and clubs to different passions, so that students may join and participate to find their true potential. The best way to find your passion is to try different things and see which one satisfies you the most. The one that makes you feel like your contribution is worthwhile, the one that makes you happy as you do it, the one that makes you want to continue. Passion is something that makes people happy, and fulfilling a full potential is to follow in your passion and make the best out of it, only then will you be truly happy. 


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