Accurate Premise Born To Run In Class Essay

            “Born to Run”, by Christopher McDougall, has constantly repeated the premise that humans are born to run using past experiences as examples. Humans are born to run is another way of saying that nothing can ever stop humans from achieving our dreams. No obstacle, no matter how hard it knocks us down, can ever prevent us from ever being able to run again. McDougall illustrated and promoted this premise well, by explaining some difficulties and how he overcame those differences. Even with a bunch of injuries, one of which happens to be PF, which affects the heel of the foot, McDougall was still able to run with the Tarahumara after several sessions of therapy. McDougall retrained his feet to regain his ability to run, and that is how he persisted through and accomplished his goal. With the help of his personal trainer, Eric, McDougall was able to get back up on his two feet to run properly again. Eric once said “Imagine your kid is running into the street and you have to sprint after her in bare feet, you’ll automatically lock into perfect form- you’ll be up on your forefeet, with your back erect, head steady, arms high, elbows driving, and feet touching down quickly on the forefoot and kicking back toward your butt” (206). Running is in our blood. The key word in the quote is “automatically” which means unconsciously doing something. If we are able to automatically lock into perfect form, it means that we are born to run. It’s in our system, we just have to find it and make use of it. Put a natural human being into a sticky situation and he’ll do something natural. Natural reactions are what define us; they set our limits and guide us through our troubles.

            The obstacles in their paths should not discourage people. There will definitely be objects, people, or situations that will try to prevent you from reaching your dream, but all of those obstacles can be overlooked. Never giving up, that’s what McDougall did and that’s how he got to finally run with the Tarahumara. Even if the situation seems hopeless, persisting is what gets you there. Nature is there to help people, not to destroy. Everything that happens naturally is there for the benefit of our society. Natural motions prevent people from getting injured, because if it is natural then it must be in your system or blood. Nothing can go wrong with being natural. Modern technology and modifications is what kills us. Just like what McDougall said in the beginning of the text, shoes are unnatural therefore do not benefit our feet when we run. It prevents us from reaching our full potential. That is also why many people think that technology is killing us, because it causes us to be dysfunctional and unnatural. That is also why people don’t look for shortcuts, but instead do the right and natural thing. Nothing in life comes with ease, and doing the natural thing will always be the best option. McDougall persisted and continued running, but he could not have done so if he did not adapt to the natural environment. Being able to run naturally was in his blood, so by doing so he regained and retrained his ability to run. McDougall displayed persistence and the significance of nature throughout the whole text, and he did so by defining the premise that humans are born to run.


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