Persistence Born To Run Knowledge Essay

            Coming to a close end to his journey, Christopher McDougall portrays persistence by continuing to pursue in running after losing complete hope. He gets injured from continuous running, and then receives PF-inflamed feet. PF is plantar fasciitis, which is an enthesopathy on the heel of your foot. Because people put all of their weight on their heels, PF can cause a lot of distress when running, walking, or even standing up. After getting PF-inflamed feet, McDougall loses hope in his ability to continue running with the Tarahumara. He sees it as a hopeless cause, as if running is and will always be out of his reach. After showing so much doubt and decrease in self-confidence, McDougall rises the occasion and was able to run with the Tarahumara. What he did was retrain his ability to run, and basically fight through the pain. This physical therapy helped him recover from all of the injuries and then be able to run. This type of self-persistence is needed if people want to get better or “perfect” at a certain thing. Skills or abilities don’t just fall from the sky; they are built on practice and persistence. Athletes don’t get good at sports overnight, they get good by training for months, just to perfect the perfect shot. Dedication, persistence, and willpower are all essential to being successful in life. This was the message that McDougall was trying to portray through his writing. Nothing in life can be achieved without effort.

            Everything in life requires work to accomplish. Nothing is free, and everything has to be worked for. The phrase, “no pain no gain”, says that there will be no benefits from just doing nothing at home. People who want to actually accomplish something will go out into the world and accomplish it. Effort is essential for success. No one is born into an easy life, not even bill gate’s children. His children don’t just stay at home and watch TV all day; they work hard and actually make an effort in school. Bill gates has realized that he cannot allow his children to become spoiled kids who are born into an easy life, he wants them to work, just like the millions of other children their age. Rewards are often given to those who try the hardest. Effort is what brings most of us to our accomplishments. Some of the most successful people in the world are the ones who try to succeed. People who don’t will remain unemployed in their parent’s basements wasting their lives. Everything requires effort, whether its physical or cognitive effort.  That is why most of our instructors in life, or the people who are of a higher rank than us, tell us to never give up. Giving up means that no more effort will be present, and if no effort is present, it is impossible for us to reach our goal. Giving up is basically the same as not starting at all. Both lead to an outcome of nothing. We started for a reason and we should end for that same reason that is why most of us don’t give up in life. McDougall didn’t give up, that is why he got to run with the Tarahumara after his long but rewarding therapy session that helped him regain his ability function his feet. Persistence and effort is what brings most of us to our accomplishments.

            Scientists in the real world always mess around with all of the different chemicals or factors to create different outcomes. Scientists fail about 95% of the time, and most of their experiments end up in the dumpster or in a trashcan. Why do they continue researching and experimenting then? It’s because they know that there is something out there waiting to be discovered, and they will not give up until it is. There is no limit to the discoveries in the world, everything can be found as long as we give in the time and effort to find it. Huge discoveries like gravity, electricity, and atoms are all from scientists testing out different methods. That is why there are so many methods in the world, and why so many have the previous methods aren’t in use now. We make new discoveries that overtake a previous one, like our planet revolving around the sun instead of the sun revolving around us. Scientists are examples of people who never give up and persist towards a common goal. Up till today, there are many scientists throwing away old experiments. We sent a robot to mars to explore mars and find out if life is capable there. We still have many more discoveries to discovery, and that is why scientists don’t give up. Persistence and effort is what drives most of us towards our goal. Just like McDougall, scientists don’t stop until they reach complete satisfaction.


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